Srilanka Textile Project

“Sri Lankan children might give changes to their village by their textiles.”

Based on the picture drawn by the children of Sri Lanka, in this project, we have been making textiles. The textiles are now developed by designers and children, and are sent out to the society as various products. (Then, the sales revenue of the product is reduced to the life of children.)


Yuta Sugihara(Designer) visited Sri Lanka in 2010 and met children who can not live with their parents due to poverty. Then after coming back to Japan, he has started to involve in activities for supporting Sri lankan children. Through sales of fair trade products, the charity event, he has thought how to support children as a designer. Then, in 2012, he launched this project, “Sri Lanka textile project”, and has started to make textiles with Sri Lankan children and international designers together. The textile will be a media expressing children’s creativity and their culture, by the help of designers. And it will run around the world attracting excitement and supporting, and come back to the children. Also the product sale will get monetary value in the society, and also come back to children’s life. This is the first signification of this project.


Also, we should think how to make change to the environment that produces orphans. Then we will develop this project in Sri Lanka. The circle of industry of the area, starting with the children, gives employment to youth and adults, and reduce poverty in the region. Also it will restore the relationship between orphans and community. This shows the sentence of “Sri Lankan children might give changes to their village by their textiles”. When we start to think with children together, what will happen to the whole society.